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Family Sport event «Asian Children games». Spain. August 2014

A sport program was specially implemented for the 4-days event and included different sports as: long jump, throwing balls, mini-football, team batons, rope park, swimming, table tennis, family competitions. Every participant was given a special sports uniform, concerning definite type of sport. There were comfortable tents with stands for the audience and bars in sporty style, with specially produced branded kitchenware. The legend for the opening ceremony, was created and staged in traditional style with the team of kobyz-players «Art Dala» and dance ensemble «Vivat» (Almaty). The winners of the European talent show performed bike tricks and freestyle with the ball, whereupon «lap of honour» , the solemn raising of the Kazakhstan flag, the National anthem and the lighting of the Olympic flame occured. The second part of the legend sounded at the closing ceremony, under performance of national ensemble «Turan». All the participants of the Olympic Games were awarded with special medals and cups. Hundreds of balloons were launched into the sky, when the last competitor was awarded. The Olympic flame was passed from one family to another.