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Venue: Arman Toykhana Anniversary! October, 2009

Shymkent city. Venue: Arman Toykhana. 80 year anniversary was created and performed in a form of Kazakh Nomads. Huge ball room was decorated with giant printings containing Kazakh epos drawn by the painter. Total decoration area was more than 400m2. Artists: Batyrkhan Shukenov (Moscow), Asylbek Ensepov, distinguished artist Roza Rymbaeva, singer Medeu Arinbaev, Kobyz player – Ak Erke, national instrumental group «Sazgen», dance team"Gulder", illusionist Altynai Firebird, Lady with the doves and others. A full historical motion picture was recorded about the hero of the day. All relative were casted and played in the film. By the end of the evening all guest sent WISH paper lanterns to the sky and fireworks start!